My Etsy shop is open for business – kinda.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.50.32 AM

I’ll call it a soft opening; I still have some tweaking to do.  As I add to my About page, fill out shipping policies, and include more listings, Etsy is right there, encouraging me from behind the scenes.  I get email from them saying, “You’re almost done!” or “Keep going!  Your shop is almost ready!”.  I know they’re trying to build momentum, to get me excited.  I get that.

So, when they used one of my own listings in a “Recommended for you” thing on their website, they got me good.  My reaction was immediate.  I felt a little giddy, to be honest, and I took this picture right away.  It was kind of like seeing my name in lights, or seeing myself on TV.  I know it was a flagrant appeal to my ego, but it worked.  Etsy got me.  Notice the time stamp, too; I must be excited if I’m still up at almost 1 AM and writing about this.  ∆

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