A family member recently asked me if I ever took the time to just play in the studio.

I told him no; I was only focused on things I thought I could sell.  This is a really pragmatic, bottom-line kind of guy, so I figured he would appreciate where I was coming from.  To my surprise, though, he immediately suggested I try giving myself an hour a day, just to play.

I took his advice to heart.  As much as I need this shop to be profitable, he’s right.  I should take the time to play.  Well, this week, an hour per day turned into two full days of “play.”  The result is some decorative things I’m pretty proud of, things I’m pretty excited about.  This is just a sneak peek.  Thanks, Hank.  More to come.  ∆

One thought on “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

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