I spend a lot of time making sure my website, my blog, and all my other social media accounts look good.

I make sure all the links work well, I fill out profiles and About pages, and I add compelling graphics wherever possible.  I check my spelling, mind my grammar, and try to keep everything current.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s important to me; I think it shows anyone who stops by that I actually give a damn.

If I’m honest, though, sometimes, it just feels like I’m just being anal.   I can get pretty particular, making sure everything is just so.  On top of that, I heard on the news this week about a study that suggests proper grammar on social media is often construed as insincerity.  I can’t win.


Well, here’s another argument for sloppy social media:

Some of the best artists/craftspeople I know have the worst websites.  More accurately, they often have websites that lack finesse, polish, or even content.  It’s not unusual for me look someone up to find they have a half-assed, outdated blog somewhere that only hints at what they do.

Detail of Tsang’s amazing work

I have a theory.  I think those that are good at what they do are so busy doing it, they don’t have time to put on the lipstick.  They don’t have time for some slick presentation.  Perhaps more telling, they don’t even need it!  Their work is so strong, and they are so busy doing it, the world is beating a path to their doorstep.

Johnson Tsang is a great example of this.  He is, by far, one of the most talented, compelling dudes I know in the clay business.  His sculptures are absolutely incredible.  His website, however, is nothing more than a stock WordPress blog with scrolling photos of his work, minimal text.  (No offense to WordPress.  I use WordPress.)


What prompted this post, in particular, was Tsang’s About page.  Bless his heart, he hasn’t even erased the stock language that came with the page when you first open it.  Worse yet, seven people “like” it!  I hope those are ironic “likes.”  That’s like buying a frame, leaving the stock photo that came with the frame in place, then a friend comes over and says, “Your wife is beautiful.”  WTF?!!  No!  Call me uptight, but I want more than that.  For my money, presentation matters.  ∆

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