The question came up, “What exactly is a pimento?”

When I Googled the answer (a cousin of the red bell pepper), I stumbled on The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for pimento cheese.  I followed the link.  I thought, “I kind of dig her – and I hope no one ever finds that out.”  It’s not the most masculine thing in the world to admit you have a thing for a TV chef.

The Pioneer Woman speaks...

Truthfully, secretly, I thought The Pioneer Woman was a sweet, folksy, stay-at-home mom, stuck in the middle of cattle country, blogging her way to an empire.  I thought it was a classic, rags-to-riches story.  I even Googled where she lives, finding an anonymous road in the middle of nowhere.  Gullible as I am, I figured if she could write books, get on TV, and even secure a movie deal – all by blogging from this unassuming patch of land – I could do it, too.  I want to build an empire – all from my own unassuming basement.  The Pioneer Potter, as it were…

Then, I discovered she lives on nearly half a million acres.  That unassuming road is just on the edge of her massive estate.  Apparently, she was a millionaire even before The Pioneer Woman.  No humble beginnings.  No rags-to-riches.  No bueno.  The kitchen where she films her show isn’t even real.  Sadly, the luster is gone.  Time to move on.

I wonder what Paula Deen is doing…  ∆

Paula Deen solicits a call

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