film friday: porcelain insulators by lapp

You might think I have a thing for porcelain insulators.  

I posted an old video of them being made a few weeks back.  It’s just that I love me some industrial ceramics.  The scale of things is impressive.  This slick promotional film by the German manufacturer LAPP serves this up in spades.  The slugs of pugged clay being foisted around by a forklift are mind-boggling.  Wait until you see them being trimmed and glazed.  Enjoy!  ∆

Running time: 3:00

5 thoughts on “film friday: porcelain insulators by lapp

      1. 🙂 me too. Also when I click on your gravatar I get a weird error about domain mapping at It may be that the link for your page is not properly set up on your profile in gravatar since it’s trying to take me to but your blog address is Sooo if someone wants to visit your page by clicking on your gravatar link they can’t get here. – Just a heads up, the same thing happened to me once.


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