This week, I found inspiration in a few places…

  • Friends open a studio

Last summer, friends of mine opened L/Mercado, a teaching studio and gallery space in Hollywood, Florida.  I met one of the owners, Dorandy Mercado, when she was just a kid in college.  In a few short years, she and her partner,  Laura Gasper, went from a tiny, shared space in a warehouse to their own facility downtown, in a prime location.  Looking at their instagram feed this week, I’m reminded of how far they’ve come.  Their tenacity is inspiring.

  • The phrase, “self-sustaining professional artist”

In the latest issue of Ceramics Monthly, studio potter Mariko Paterson uses the phrase  “self-sustaining professional artist.”  I love that.  I want to be that.  Bless the print version of Ceramics Monthly.  It’s easy to dismiss magazines in this digital age, but I nearly always find inspiration in those pages.

  • The creative process is scary for everybody

While working in the studio yesterday, I watched the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie.  All about independent videogame developers, the film was especially insightful about the ups and downs of creating something, then putting it out there in the world.  It can be tough.  It’s inspiring to see how others battle that monster, regardless of the medium.  It’s all the same.  ∆

can of inspiration

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