It’s rare, but every now and then, something related to the field of ceramics grabs a little national attention, even if but for a moment.

It’s usually a movie, a TV show, or maybe some advertising that features a potter in there somewhere.  The movie Ghost is easily the most famous example of this.  People still talk about those scenes, nearly thirty years later.  I’ve actually met a few folks through the years who claim they got into clay because of those muddy shenanigans in that movie.

This Land Rover commercial in today’s post doesn’t have nearly the same cultural impact, of course, as Ghost.  However, 12 years after its release, this ad still stands as one of the best examples of pottery in pop culture.  It’s just damn funny.  The aura of the potter is central to the story here.  It’s the star of the show.  Then, Land Rover sweeps in, flagrantly exploits all of those pottery-making stereotypes, and delivers its snobby message.  It does so beautifully.  It hits the mark.  It’s a classic.   ∆

Running time: 1:01

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