Is it ok to admit this?

I’ve lost interest in social media.  All of of it.  Even my own blog.  At least for now.  I just have no interest lately.

It may seem odd, but I think it has something to do with my switch from pottery to sculpture.  Immediately after I made that switch, I noticed my interest in the social stuff just went out the door.

Of course, I thought something was wrong with me.  Who doesn’t like social media?  Then, it occurred to me, I really only used it to promote myself anyway.  Nearly everyday, it was:

old man canning
The noble craftsman

“Hey, look at me online, this noble craftsman, full of wit, wisdom, and charm, quietly creating miracles from nothing.  (Cue the wind in my hair.)  I’m awesome.”

Or something like that.

I think I just got tired of all that self-promotion.  I thought I needed it to make my pots and what I was doing more interesting.  It got tiresome.  It felt fake.

Thankfully, none of that seems important anymore.  I no longer feel the need to convince anyone my work is good.  I think it’s because I feel better about what I’m doing and I think it’s good.  That’s progress, I suppose.

maru cat video

Now that I cleared that up, I can get back to what’s really important online – cat videos. ∆

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