From John Bauman’s blog:

by Redware Kipling

If your hands can hold steady while ten pounds of clay
Is spinning and bucking and having its way
If your first concern isn’t “What does it pay?”
And you can work twenty-four hours a day

If you are part painter, part sculptor, part test
Pilot, chemist, plumber, electrical whiz
If you can hope and can dream with the best
But keep that all real to manage a biz

If you can talk to crowds and sell your wares
Treating kings and common alike in the end
If you can serve people who share common cares
Trade glaze recipes or stoke fires with a friend

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With a mug – thrown and completely done
Once from the Earth, but changed as you spin it
Then you can be a potter, my son

Or daughter


Folks like Bauman inspire me.  I can just smell the love and compassion he has for the pottery game.  He makes me wanna run into the shop right now and throw pots for a living!  Then, I remember the 9th line: “If you can talk to crowds…”  I’m not so good at that part.  I need to work on that.

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