an interesting conversation with the missus

She agreed to listen to just seven seconds of whining:

I began, “I don’t know how to glaze these pots.”

We had just unloaded our kiln. 52 pots stared at me, waiting to be transformed into something beautiful. I had no idea what to do.

So, we went over the old pots in the kitchen, the stuff we use every day. These are the pots I deemed unsuccessful when I made them a few years ago. They feature an American flag motiff.

We picked apart what worked and what didn’t. Loose brushstrokes, free to move, worked best. It seemed like a good place to start with this new line of work. Keep it loose. Have fun.

When our little assessment was over, and my wife was off to the grocery store, I found some comfort in deciding to start where I left off when I stopped making pots two years ago. Now, I don’t have to reinvent myself/my work entirely. I can learn from the old work and move forward from there. ∆